Parenteral Therapy                                      $  125 (ingredients are an additional cost)

Intravenous (Parenteral) Therapies



What is Parenteral Therapy? 
Intravenous (I.V.) therapy and injection (intramuscular, subcutaneous) of vitamins, minerals, and homeopathics is a safe and effective way to deliver nutrients in a timely and efficient manner. Par-enteral means substances given by this route are directly absorbed into the circulatory system, by-passing the “enteric system” or gastro-intestinal tract and liver, thereby increasing the absorptive capability of the individual.




Advantages of Parenteral Therapy? 
For individuals with compromised intestinal absorption (i.e. cancer, Chron’s, IBS, ulcerative colitis, etc.), IV therapy bypasses intestinal absorption of the nutrients and thereby may offer therapeutic value over oral administration. Also, I.V. therapy enables rapid delivery of higher concentrations of ingredients that may not be possible by oral means. Therefore, for individuals who are severely depleted or in need of high and rapid availability of nutrients, I.V. therapy may be beneficial and is at times strongly recommended.


Who Can Benefit From Parenteral Therapy? 

Parenteral therapies benefit clients with a variety of conditions, both chronic or acute conditions. For those individuals who are generally healthy and interested in “anti-aging” or simply preventative medicine.