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Migun Infrared Massage Bed

The Ultimate Therapeutic Collaboration

- Price: $10.00 per session

The Migun Thermal Massage System uniquely integrates thousands of years of traditional Eastern medical wisdom with the technological advancements of Western medicine to provide you with a massage like no other. Simply lie back and relax. Let Migun Thermal Massage System work for you, providing you with the best massage treatment, utilizing the principles of acupressure, acupuncture, moxibustion, far infrared rays, and chiropractic. It's more than a massage. It's a new approach to a healthier life.

The proven oriental therapeutic techniques. All massages are not the same. Simply putting pressure on tired muscles is not what the Migun Thermal Massage System is about. Through extensive research and development, the Migun Thermal Massage System utilizes some amazing principles found in both Eastern and Western medicines.

Acupressure/Acupuncture Points Traditional Eastern medicine has discovered that particular points on the body are connected to various organs in the body, and the majority of these pressure points are located near the spine. Grounded in the principle that good health depends on the proper flow of vital life energy called Chi (Qi), the stimulation to specific body points recharges life force while returning proper balance.

Moxibustion / Far Infrared Rays

Moxibustion is an Eastern medical treatment where heat is applied to specific acupuncture points by burning moxa, died spices of mugwart, on the tips pf the needles. Providing heat to three specific points stimulates and encourages better blood circulation.

The Migun Thermal Massage System utilizes one of the Western medical wonders, helium gas bulbs that produce far infrared rays, to effectively deliver the heat deep into the body, 4.5 times better than the usual moxibustion procedure.


For thousands of years, jade has been known as a mysterious healing stone in Oriental medicine. In the past, the Chinese and Korean royal families treasured jade for its miraculous effects on the human body. When heated, jade emits negative ions that are essential for the body's natural anti-aging system.

With this valuable understanding in mind, the Migun Thermal Massage System features the jade massage heads that enclose the helium gas bulbs.

As you can see, the Migun Thermal massage System is more than just a massage bed. It is a technological wonder that blends the best therapeutic knowledge of East and West. When heated by helium, the jade releases the far infrared rays. These infrared rays emit ions that are essential for the body's continued healing and natural anti-aging systems.

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