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Angie Chadwick, FNP-C

Angie Chadwick, FNP-C

Consultations with Angie Chadwick, FNP-C

Establishment as a primary care patient.

As a primary care provider (PCP) Angie Chadwick, FNP-C sees people who have common medical problems.  Her role in  non-emergency situations is to:

  • Provide preventive care and teach healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Identify and treat common medical conditions based on the Functional Medicine model.

  • Assess the urgency of your medical problems and if indicated direct you to the best place for that care.

  • Make referrals to medical specialists when necessary.

In situations where acute emergency care is indicated you will be directed to the Emergency Department of your choice and as your PCP Angie Chadwick, FNP-C will be in communication with the hospitalist regarding your possible inpatient care.

Contacting your PCP during office hours will be through the ICAM office as your concerns will be forwarded to her.

Dr. Habersang serves as her medical back up. 

Follow- up visits and sick visits.

A certain number of sick visit slots are available and every attempt is made to accommodate patients who need to be seen for episodic illnesses.

Regular follow-up visits for the management of chronic issues are indicated and will be discussed with you as you present for your establishment visit.

Consultation Prices:

  • Initial: $285.00

  • Follow-Up:  $148.00

  •  Sick Visit: $148.00

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