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Computerized Thermography

Price: $ 328.00 (Review of Results Included)

What is Regulation Thermography?

Regulation Thermography is based on the physiology of heat in humans. When there are disease processes in the human body, the body's organs respond differently to stress. With the use of a very accurate thermal sensor, it is possible to measure and detect changes in the skin's physiological response to stress. These changes may indicate the presence of disease even at its earliest stage before a patient shows symptoms.

Your health is very important. The Alfa Thermogram can help measure your level of health and help provide indications of symptoms at a very early stage. We can then adjust or supplement your diet, make proper lifestyle changes, seek additional specific testing, and more importantly, improve your overall health.

What is the AlfaSight 9000

The AlfaSight 9000 Thermographic System is a non-invasive, radiation-free, reproducible thermographic tool which measures how the body responds to stress (cold stimulus). These minute, detectable changes in circulation patterns and thermal characteristics of the major organs produce data that can be used for adjunctive diagnosis of certain indications such as: abnormalities of the female breast, peripheral vascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease, abnormalities of the thyroid gland, and various neoplastic and inflammatory conditions.

What information will I receive from the results?

The information from the thermographic profile and patient evaluation assists in determining your level of health and helps provide us with indications of disease processes at a very early stage. Any areas of concern that require immediate attention are flagged by the profile and evaluation. This information then helps us in developing an individualized treatment plan specifically suited to your needs. Such early preventative monitoring measures can be beneficial for the future of your health.

How to Prepare for Your Thermogram

  • For 23-36 hours before your appointment: please stop all homeopathic remedies or herbal supplements because these can affect the results. Continue taking prescription meds. Please feel free to talk to us if you have special needs in this area.

  • NO Air travel for 72 hours before the appointment.

  • NO alcohol 24 hours before the appointment.

  • Do not have regulative therapy (acupuncture, bio-energetic treatments, electro neural diagnosis, chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage, etc.) within 48 hours before the measurements.

  • Do not have any dental work (including dental cleanings) within 48 hours before the measurements.

Please reschedule your appointment if you have a fever or the flu. We will also need to reschedule your appointment (but not necessarily) if you have a hot flash at the time of your appointment. Please let us know if you do experience a hot flash so we may take appropriate steps for a successful scan.

  • Women should not have a Thermogram on the first two days of their cycle.

On the day of examination:

  • Do not brush your teeth the day of the test.

  • Do not wash your hands.

  • Do not shower or bathe the day of the test. It is okay to shower or bath in warm water the night before.

  • No cosmetics or body lotions

  • No exercise, sauna or meditation.

  • Men – do not shave. If you have a beard or mustache, please trim around the mouth and jaw as much as possible (shaving the night before is ok)

  • A light breakfast is appropriate ONE HOUR BEFORE appointment (room temp meal). You may drink room temperature water at least 16 oz. of for hydration purposes. Avoid extremely hot or cold.

  • No smoking, coffee or black tea (caffeine).

  • Please wear socks, underwear, long loose-fitting pants, and a long-sleeved BUTTON UP shirt or blouse to cover your arms and legs for your evaluation. Do not wear tight clothing (reddened places will affect measurement) DO NOT WEAR A BRA.

At the end of the first measurement, you will be asked to remain seated/standing in your underpants for a 10 minute "cooling phase." Second temperature measurement will follow in the identical sequence as the first.

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